Strange things in Thessaloniki

As I promissed, this post is about Strange things in Thessaloniki.

Living here, I had the opportunity of experiencing many things of their culture and habits that might be very strange for the first time. But because the Greek way of style will get into your blood really fast, you’ll really act like them sooner than you expect:

There is always time for a coffee 🙂

On Monday mornings they organize street market: spread strolls along the streets and sell fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, leather clothes, fur coats by 12:00 a.m

Early morning, plenty of ambulatory sellers shout their goods on tiny streets. They were really annoying…now I really miss them

In a crowded bus, don’t forget to be ready to get off: place yourself strategically next to the door, cause otherwise nobody will bother to move away.

Drivers and pedestrians often don’t respect traffic lights.

Barbeque on the street? of course!  On the street, at university, in the balcony, barbeque everywhere.

The entrance of University: a large hallway with benches and tables, where students can relax, play cards and are allowed to smoke.


You’ll see a lot of stray dogs and cats: on the street, sheltered in front of the blocks, sleeping in buses and shops. They are tolerated by drivers. Yes, they even attend universities `cause they are adored, are fat and well fed. No worries, they are too Greek to bite you !

Taxi – as students, we used to share the taxi. In Greece you might experience the weird thing of picking up strangers in the middle of your ride! Ass odd that sounds, that is really funny!

Don’t forget: There is always time for a coffee 🙂




Lefkos Pyrgos (The White Tower)Thessaloniki
 is of course one of the most interesting cities to visit in Greece.

Not only because it keeps a roomy space in my heart, but because combines with success the bustling city with its cultural, artistic, gourmet and historic heritage.

Wonderfully easy to see on foot – you can walk to the most things you would like to visit along with many historical and archeological sites dispersed in the city. 

Its distinct character is the long and wide waterfront. SeafrontStretching from the harbor to the White Tower, all the way to the east part of the city and beyond, it is the delight of locals and visitors who are strolling at any time of day (or night).

The coastal road has stylish cafes, pastries, cocktail bars…everything to provide you just the right atmosphere to pause your walk and enjoy a beautiful sunset (the sun sets over the sea) while sipping your greek frappe.Sunset in Thessaloniki

Lefkos Pyrgos (The White Tower)

You will find easy to spot the White Tower, the symbol of the city that replaced an old Byzantine fortification around the 12th century .

The main meeting point for almost every student in Thessaloniki, it also serves as a museum.Tuesday-Sunday: 08.30-15.00. Monday: closed.

Take your frappe from Todaylicious and spoil yourself with a couple of hours of chit-chat and doing nothing….217From the White Tower walk along the sea front and within 10-12 minutes reach Platia Aristotelus – Aristotelos Plaza: In the shape of a vodka bottle, it is a large bright plaza surrounded by palm trees, cafes and again, many shops.

Platia Aristotelus

Photo credits: Julia Bart

Steps away is the Fish Market – The Kapani Agora – a traditional market with greek traditional taverns and noisy greek sellers. This market is full of fresh caught fish and all the seafood you can imagine. My favourite are Shrimps Saganaki. I also recommend you Buiurdi (Μπουγιουρντί ) – melted feta cheese with red pepper, tomatos and olive oil. As a dessert try: Baklava, Rizogalo (greek rice pudding ) or Mpougatsa – a sweet pie filled with cream and served with flour sugar and cinnamon.






 Kamara – The Arch of Galerius, better known as the Kamara is located further up Navarinou Square. Kamara is the second main meeting point in Thessaloniki.

Shopping in Thessaloniki is extremely convenient. All you’ll have to do is to go inside the city center and wander around the “square” that is formed from four major streets: Egnatia st., Ethnikis Amynis st., Nikis Av. and Tzimiski st. 

Find yourself lost in this area.

For a panoramic view of  Thessaloniki and walking along paved little streets  surrounded by small beautiful ottoman houses, bus no. 22 or 23 takes you directly to Ano Poli (Upper Town, old city) the only part of the city that survived the big fire of 1917; Unforgettable bus journey experience included.






Ladadika is definately the place for greek night out with friends. Apart from clubs, do not miss out the little taverns with traditional cuisine of Minor Asia and Macedonia at very reasonable prices.P1060985

Living in Thessaloniki, I had the opportunity to experience many things of their culture and habits that might be so strange when you face at the first time. But because the Greek way of style will get into your blood really fast, you’ll really act like them sooner than you expect.

This is what my next post will be about: Strange things in Thessaloniki.

In the end, I will conclude that Thessaloniki is a sincere city, authentically, easy to be discovered, easy to move along and always has a new story to tell.


Fish on a market stall

Fish on a market stall in Kapani Agora

Kapani Agora

University of Macedonia

photo credits: Julia Bart

Waterfront – photo credits: Julia Bart

Shopping on Egnatia Street

Shopping on Egnatia Street


photo credits: Julia Bart


Photo credits: Dan Andrei

Black market on Egnatia

Aristotle Plaza seen from the Wonder Wheel


White Tower – Seafront

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